FuelerLinx releases mobile app

FuelerLinx has released its new mobile app for the iPhone and iPad, making the same fuel buying capability available to both pilots on the road and scheduler/dispatchers in the hangar.

“The FuelerLinx iPhone app is the latest step in our efforts to make life simpler for the scheduler/dispatcher,” said FuelerLinx President Kevin Moller. “FuelerLinx already lets you compare your own negotiated fuel prices from different suppliers and dispatch fuel at the lowest price for every stop on your route. Now, we’ve put that same capability in the palm of the pilot’s hand, so if they need to make a last-minute schedule change, they can still find and buy the cheapest fuel wherever their mission takes them – without having to call headquarters.”

The new iPhone app allows pilots on the road to:

  • Look up their own contract fuel prices at any airport by ICAO identifier;
  • Factor in ramp fees from more than 600 FBOs with AC-U-KWIK’s Acufuel integrated system, including the minimum purchase to avoid fees;
  • See volume discounts for purchasing one extra gallon; and
  • Place purchase orders that can be filled immediately.

“With the iPhone app, we’ve linked everybody in the flight department together,” said Alexandria Williams, FuelerLinx Accounts Manager, “so you can work in harmony to maximize your fuel discounts.”

The app and the desktop software also include the new FuelerLinx tankering feature, which factors in the extra weight and time of taking on additional fuel and calculates whether it would be cheaper to tanker at one airport or buy fuel on the road.

“Whether or not to tanker is a question flight departments face all the time,” said Moller, “and it’s actually a pretty complex calculation. FuelerLinx does that calculation for you automatically. We factor in your real-time fuel prices, ramp fees, and the effect of the additional weight on your aircraft. We’ve also updated the software to allow you to sort price quotes by lowest price or by FBO, if you have an established relationship with a particular facility.”

With the desktop and iPad versions, scheduler/dispatchers can also use FuelerLinx to reconcile fuel bills and generate reports.

Aircraft operators can download both the iPhone and iPad versions of the FuelerLinx app from iTunes by searching “FuelerLinx.”

For more information: Fuelerlinx.com

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