New engine baffle designs for Cessnas approved

Airforms Inc. has received FAA/PMA approval of new engine baffle designs for Cessna 401, 402 and 414 aircraft.

This adds to the 50-plus models the company already supplies to customers around the world. These engine baffles have many improvements to increase engine cooling efficiency and service life, according to company officials. Among the improvements are the use of more doublers, 6061-T6/304 stainless material and fiberglass reinforced silicone seals.

β€œThe most important goal is for our engine baffle designs to do the job efficiently and install without modifications,” said Levi Ward, general manager. “Our focus is on designing the engine baffles to fit snuggly on the engine to create that perfect high pressure under the cowling to force cooling air through the engines cylinders. The impact is longer TBO times and reduced maintenance costs, which are due to high cylinder head temperatures that causes components, such as lifters, cams and cylinders, to wear out before their TBO time. We also own and work on our own planes, so we understand the need for parts to fit as they should and without modification.”

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