Sandel certifies roll steering upgrade

Sandel Avionics has received FAA TSO certification for a roll steering software upgrade in its 3-ATI SN3500 and 4-ATI SN4500 Primary Navigation Displays. The pilot-selectable feature works with an aircraft’s autopilot or flight director and compatible GPS or FMS unit to automatically make smooth, hands-off turns while flying a sequence of GPS waypoints, company officials explain.

The new roll steering function, which requires field loading software but no wiring or modification to existing SN3500/SN4500 installations, also flies holding patterns, GPS approach entries and other maneuvers not supported by standard autopilot tracking modes, officials add.

“By automatically managing holding patterns, T entries, procedure turns and more, our new roll steering function reduces workload and improves performance, all with no mechanical installation or rewiring costs,” said Jerry Henry, Sandel’s director of sales. “It makes our SN3500 and SN4500 even more capable.”

Sandel’s SN3500 and SN4500 Primary Nav Displays are upgradeable electronic HSI systems that are compatible with virtually all digital and analog aircraft, he notes. Both systems offer a combination of navigation and safety presentations, including compass heading, moving map, GPS flight plan, RMI and traffic. Built-in features include an internal Nav converter, internal autopilot switching, internal Jeppesen NavData database, and LED sunlight-readable displays that provide 180-degree° viewability, with available options that include satellite weather, TACAN display and on-demand Class B NVIS compatibility. The SN3500 and SN4500 have an MTBF of 10,000 hours.

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