Hartzell introduces Top Prop conversion for Piper Seminole

Hartzell Propeller Inc. has received an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for a 2-bladed propeller conversion kit for all normally aspirated PA-44-180 Piper Seminoles.

The conversion kit provides Piper Seminoles with improved performance, appearance, and decreased noise signatures, according to company officials.

The new Hartzell Top Prop kit features 74-inch diameter 2-blade aluminum compact hubs with “blended” airfoil Scimitar-shaped aluminum alloy blades that offer an improved takeoff and climb performance (+80 fpm at 2,500 msl), company officials said. The swept-tip Scimitar blades result in reduced noise of .9 dB(a); 84.2 dB(a) measured per Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 36 Appendix G as well as the ICAO Annex 16, Chapter 10 noise standards. Performance margins are improved, with a 50 fpm increase in single engine climb as well as a 60 fpm increase in balked landing climb with the gear and flaps down.

Hartzell developed the new Top Prop STC in cooperation with the Kent State University Aeronautics Program. Kent State, of Kent, Ohio, operates 24 aircraft in its training fleet. For multi-engine training, they use Piper Seminoles recently re-equipped with new Hartzell Scimitars.

Available directly from Hartzell or through Hartzell’s Top Prop dealers, the 2012 list price for these kits, which include new highly polished aluminum spinners, is $22,600. The new propeller carries the exclusive Hartzell Plus3 warranty, which delivers three years or 1,000 hours of coverage, and have a six-year/2,400 hour TBO.

For more information: HartzellProp.com

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