AeroLEDs lights earn TSO

AeroLEDs Pulsar NSP, NS, and Suntail, all-LED position and anti-collision lights have received TSO approval from the FAA. Previously only available to Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft, the Pulsar NSP (Nav/Strobe/Position), Pulsar NS (Nav/Strobe), and SunTail (tail strobe) are now qualified for installation on all certified general aviation aircraft.

The LED technology incorporated in AeroLEDs lights has a 50,000 hour life expectancy, allowing pilots to fly with their lights on at all times for enhanced visibility, company officials said. Each of the lighting systems is able to function without the requirement of an external power supply, saving weight and expense, officials add.

Position and Nav lights, which have traditionally operated with incandescent bulbs, can burn out after 100 hours of use. Xenon tubes, used for older style strobes, might last up to 2000 hours, or a fraction of the LED-based strobes.

“It’s now basically a ‘set it, forget it’ form of technology,” said AeroLEDs President Nate Calvin. “The days of replacing power supplies and Xenon flash tubes are behind us. LEDs draw less power, are more aerodynamic in shape and weigh less. They’re designed to directly replace legacy Nav/Strobe lighting systems without the requirement of drilling new holes or altering the airframe, they can be seen from a greater distance and will out-live the aircraft.”

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