Who makes better pilots? Boys or girls?

Weigh in on “The Great Debate: Boy v. Girl Pilots” at Air Facts. Richard Collins says girls often make better pilots because they take less risks and treat planes more gently. But he also adds: “It is my opinion that we males have created a fraternal bond in flying that largely excludes females. If so, how do we change that so more females will feel welcome as general aviation, airline or military pilots? None of the past efforts have helped. What do you think would help? Or do you think we should work to keep this wonderful activity a boy’s club?” As always, this one has attracted a lot of comments.


  1. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    Probably no difference between the sexes for actual control of an airplane, however, I personally feel that women probably don’t have the aggressiveness of a male pilot in the military combat roles.  It’s just not in their DNA to be that way.  In a controlled situation, no difference.  In a situation where it’s kill or be killed, the typical female would probably back off.  I’ve seen that in law enforcement type situations where males were substituted for females because the females complained about ‘the danger.”  Interesting, considering that both were paid the same.   

  2. Bullrout says

    I think there is no debate anyway,women men have been shown to be capable of many trades that were traditionaly male dominated because of the lack of the stigma that used to be involved and pride.There are some excellent female pilots as well as men ,but also we all know at least one pilot we would never fly with male or female, ps if the carpark at woolies is any indication of risk taking than women win hands down.

  3. Dennis Reiley says

    I think women are safer pilots because they take less risks. Men take greater risks which means those who survive are better pilots, the poorer male pilots are thus less likely to survive.

  4. Traceygarraux says

    I think women make better pilots because they tend to be better at multitasking. But men tend to question their decisions less. Almost a toss up.

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