Agreement for general aviation security renewed

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently approved a five-year extension of its partnership with National Air Transportation Association Compliance Services (NATACS) to provide security in the general aviation sector.

The agreement authorizes NATACS to continue as a Trusted Fingerprint Facility to process biographical and biometric information for general aviation worldwide.

NATACS has been partnered with TSA since 2002; the new agreement extends the contract until December 2016. NATACS is a partially owned subsidiary of the National Air Transportation Association (NATA).

Under the agreement, NATACS will provide all pre-enrollment, enrollment, fingerprint collection, and secure data transmission for TSA-conducted background checks on tens of thousands of pilots and flight students each year. NATACS retains its designation as a Trusted Fingerprint Facility. NATACS manages a workforce of more than 200 certified enrollment specialists worldwide.

“NATACS exists to help TSA carry out its security mission and ensure industry compliance with strict requirements, all while minimizing costs and the impact on commerce,” said Michael Sundheim, CEO of NATACS.

The programs NATACS helps industry comply with include:

  • Part 135 on-demand air charter operators participating in the Twelve-Five Standard Security Program, Private Charter Standard Security Program and DCA Access Standard Security Program
  • Flight training facilities participating in the Alien Flight Student Program
  • Part 145 repair stations
  • Fixed-based operators (FBOs)
  • Part 91k fractional ownership operators
  • General aviation airports

The agreement also provides NATACS with the authority to collect fingerprints for employees and contractors of commercial airports and air carriers.

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