Tecnam launches ‘one per state’ demo program

Tecnam North America has launched the “Tecnam One Per State Demo Program” that can save eligible customers 20% off the base price of one of the world’s leading Light-Sport Aircraft.

The new program is designed to make new, unused, demonstrator models available in every one of the 50 states. Tecnam North America will offer one of each model it sells to one buyer in each state  for 20% off the base 2012 price, in return for the purchaser allowing these aircraft to be used for a limited number of demo purposes.

Every Tecnam Light Sport model will be offered, including the Echo Classic, Echo Classic Sea-Sky Amphibian, Bravo, Eaglet G5 Rotax, Eaglet G5 Lycoming, Eaglet Sea-Sky Amphibian, P92 Tail Dragger Rotax, P92 Tail Dragger Lycoming, Sierra (pictured),and P2008, adding up to a total of 10 opportunities per state, according to company officials.

“This is designed to bring some excitement to a depressed market,” said Phil Solomon, CEO of Tecnam North America. “Customers want to be able to see and try our products before they buy, which is difficult to do when there are so many models in our line-up. This will address this issue and give the lucky winners the opportunity to save up to $29,180!”

Once a specific model has been sold in a state under the “Tecnam One per State Demo Program” that will be it for that model and that state for the next two years, he explained.

To ensure that the demos meet customer expectations, there are minimum equipment standards set for each model in the line-up. The customer can exceed this requirement with extra equipment but cannot take less than the stated minimum.

For more information: Tecnam.net or 804-798-6500.

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