Americans show support for General Aviation

Last week marked the 1,000th signature on the online petition, where citizens from across the United States have spoken out against President Obama’s attacks on general aviation. The goal of the site is to reach 5,000 signatures. More than two dozen petition-signers have also shared their personal stories of how general aviation impacts their lives, families, communities and the economy.

The website is paid for by US Representative Mike Pompeo’s campaign fund and is intended to communicate directly to President Obama that he is hurting American jobs when he disparages “fat cat jet owners.”

“This is not about partisan politics,” said Pompeo. “This is about jobs. Good paying jobs for the best aviation workforce in the world. General aviation is critical to so many — from pilots to controllers from mechanics to businessman trying to efficiently visit their customers — efficient productive aviation matters all across America.”

Pompeo believes that by collecting 5,000 signatures, he can show the president how vital this industry is to American jobs, families and communities. The website will also allow the Congressman to share the myriad stories citizens have shared on the general aviation’s impact page of the site. Aircraft owners, operators, pilots, manufacturers, suppliers and enthusiasts from across the country and around the world have shared deeply personal stories about the importance of general aviation in their lives. Pompeo hopes these stories will change the president’s mind about who really benefits from this vital American industry.

“The site has been live only a couple of weeks, and the fact that we’ve already surpassed 1,000 signatures proves Americans have strong feelings about this issue. I’m looking forward to showing this petition to the resident when we reach 5,000 and beyond,” concluded Pompeo.

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