Coradine launches LogTen Pro Universal

Coradine Aviation Systems has introduced a universal version of its flagship product, LogTen Pro.

“With the incredible success of the iPad and iPhone, many of our customers have been purchasing both the iPad and iPhone versions of LogTen Pro separately to ensure they had their logbook data accessible at all times, whatever device they happen to have with them. While having both the iPhone and iPad versions available for purchase separately is useful for pilots with only one device, it made sense to create a universal version for the many customers who have both,” said Coradine CEO Noah Lieberman.

To date, LogTen Pro is the only fully functional application available for use independently on either Mac, iPad or iPhone on the market. This structure enables pilots to purchase the product specific to their chosen device, saving them money, while deliver seamless syncing integration for users with multiple devices, he said.

LogTen Pro Universal comes for pilots wanting to have their logbook available to them whatever mobile device they happen to be carrying, whether iPad or iPhone, saving them time and money.

Along with LogTen Pro Universal comes a new pricing structure. Toréa Rodriguez, COO for Coradine said, “We listened to our customer feedback recognizing the need to change our pricing structure and to include LogTen Pro Universal into the product suite. We’re very excited to announce that pilots now have even more choice at less cost.”

The new pricing structure for LogTen Pro is as follows:

• LogTen Pro for iPhone has been reduced from $49.99US to $29.99US

• LogTen Pro for iPad has been reduced from $79.99US to $59.99US

• LogTen Pro Universal is now available for $79.99US (Introductory offer: 50% until Feb. 29).

• LogTen Pro for Mac has been reduced from $149.99US to $99.99US

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