Becker Avionics debuts new emergency beacon locator

Becker Avionics has introduced its new airborne Beacon Decoder (BD) 406. The Emergency Beacon Locator or Beacon Decoder (BD) 406 provides a tool for Search and Rescue organizations.

The BD406 is a fixed installation or portable receiver developed specifically to decode and navigate to 406 MHz Cospas-Sarsat capable beacons (PLBs, SPLBs, ELTs or EPIRBs) transmitting the 406 MHz signal with GPS information. The Becker DB406 provides the ability to directly decode the transmitted GPS location of a 406 MHz beacon data burst.

Brett Gardner, Director of Sales and Marketing, stated, “The need to detect and locate downed aircrew, mariners and adventurers has always existed. Not being able to accurately pinpoint both aircraft and crew can sometimes result in a lengthy and costly search operations, which can typically engage a number of Search and Rescue (SAR) assets. The new BD/PBD406 provides an immense improvement in identifying the precise location of a distress beacon when compared to older direction finding systems, in addition to a much lower hardware cost.”

The Becker BD406 consists of a cockpit-mounted 2.25” version, or a mobile battery-powered portable unit, company officials said. The decoder can display location data on its own self-contained LCD display, or on a cockpit display or integrated aircraft EFIS display, via the ARINC 429 output. The BD406 can track and identify up to 49 individual beacon codes, and will display the 15 digit C/S Hex ID Code to enable rescue services to effectively allocate resources accordingly in trying to find the distress beacon, officials add.

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