Insider information for student pilots

A new ebook, “Learning to Fly an Airplane: Insider information from a student’s perspective,” seeks to open up the flight training process and help people interested in becoming a pilot get the most value for their time, money, and effort.

The ebook is not about how to fly, according to the author, Ted Seastrom. Instead, it walks you through each stage of the training process. It warns you of the pitfalls and encourages you when facing unexpected challenges. It provides insider information from firsthand experience.

“As a recent student, I believe you will improve your chances for success if you know more about flight training going in. You’ll definitely have more fun and less frustration,” said Seastrom. “This is the book I wish I’d read before taking my first flying lesson.”

“Learning to Fly an Airplane” is for anyone who is thinking about becoming a private pilot. It’s also for people who want to know how pilots are trained. Those starting on a professional track may benefit in a general way, the author said, noting, however, that there is no discussion of commercial aviation and its specialized training.

The ebook is sold exclusively through For more information:

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