Stallion 51 celebrates 25th anniversary

Stallion 51 will kick off a yearlong “Silver Jubilee” commemoration at this year’s Sun ’n Fun International Fly-in and Expo in Lakeland, Fla., March 27-April 1. Sun ’n Fun will dedicate Friday, March 30, to Stallion 51 in commemoration of its 25 years. Lee Lauderback, Stallion 51’s president and chief pilot, will perform his signature solo Mustang routine at the beginning of the night air show that will culminate Sun ’n Fun’s “Stallion 51 Day.”

“Stallion 51 has evolved into its own fighter squadron with flight operations to keep things running smoothly, a crew chief to keep planes ready to go, briefing rooms to plan upcoming flights and a flight surgeon at AVMed 51 to keep pilots in the cockpit,” says Lauderback, president, Stallion 51. “There are fighter pilots out there today who would give anything for my job!”

Photo by Paul Bowen

Stallion 51, known for its P 51-D Mustang “Crazy Horse,” provides flight experiences, whether in one of Stallion’s dual-cockpit, dual-control Mustangs or T-6 Texan, tailored to the dreams and goals of each person who comes to fly, company officials said.

During the past 25 years, Stallion 51 has expanded its operation to include three large hangars at Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM). Flight operations include T-6 Texan orientation flights and transition training program, visual flight rules (VFR) unusual attitude training program in a P-51, unusual attitude training (UAT) orientation flights in the L-39 Turbo Jet, and AVMed 51’s FAA medical exam office and full-time senior airman medical examiner on staff.

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