DRE 8001 headset debuts

Headsets Inc. now has available the new model DRE 8001 active noise reduction headset with Bluetooth.

Made in America, the new headset integrates a “Lynx” Bluetooth audio controller into the existing DRE 6001 headset, company officials said. The Lynx is an audio/comm/power controller providing Bluetooth, Hi-Fi amplification of audio input, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, plus traditional E6B functions.

Recharging can be accomplished via one of three methods: plug into 110v AC (charger included); plug into a computer USB port (cable included); or from aircraft power via the cigarette lighter adaptor (included). The 1700ma battery will power the DRE 8001 for 12 to 15 hours.

The controls are straight forward with large buttons, company officials said, noting the full color screen provides for easy to read data in direct sunlight. The screen and back-lit buttons are self-dimming.

The Lynx is available in a stand-alone version with adaptor plugs for use with existing headsets, or it may be hard-wired into existing headsets. Factory installation is recommended for hard-wired installations, officials note.

Additional features of the DRE 8001 include:

  • playback devices- if Bluetooth equipped can be controlled by LYNX.
  • direct dial- dial on the LYNX keypad, no need to fumble with your cellphone.
  • voice dial- dialing from a contact list.
  • missed calls- caller ID viewed from the Lynx.
  • auto-mute- phone calls and music are auto-muted when receiving ground communication. Auto- mute function may be disabled if desired.
  • input jacks- available for legacy (non-Bluetooth) cell phones and audio devices.
  • fail-safe operation- in the event of power failure, radio & intercom communication remain unaffected
  • stereo output jack- allows recording of all communications.

Introductory pricing is set at $599 through June 30, 2012.

For more information: Headsetsinc.com


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