Navigation simulator app released

Digital Aviation has released a lower cost iPhone/iPod touch version of its mobile flight simulator for radio navigation training. Radio Navigation Simulator is a 2D flight simulator, designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, that enables pilots and students to practice and become proficient in the use and management of VOR, VOR-DME and ADF instruments, all displayed with a Directional Gyro on a realistic flight panel, company officials said.

Radio Navigation Simulator (RNS) is flown in a Synthetic Flight Environment, with real world derived aeronautical data, using latitude and longitude mapping, where realistic flight training can take place, officials add.

Features include:

  • Flight Environment mapped in Latitude and Longitude.
  • RNS operates with a Synthetic Aeronautical Database.
  • The Radio Navigation Facilites area is approx 300 x 200 nm.
  • Unrestricted Lat & Long flight outside of Facilities area.
  • Area Navigation Facilities are VOR, VOR-DME and NDB.
  • Scaleable Chart with Facilities, Idents, and Aircraft symbols.
  • Full Chart management with VOR Radials and Planned Routes.
  • Aircraft Track Trail can be displayed, or suppressed.
  • Flight Panel and Navigation Chart simultaneously displayed.
  • Realistic Flight Panel with the following Instruments:
  • VOR, DME, ADF (RMI or RBI) and Directional Gyro .
  • Manageable Radios for ADF, NAV1 and NAV2 (with DME).
  • Airspeed range 60 to 600 knots.
  • Altitude management and display.
  • Flight profile in Real or Compressed Time.
  • Wind velocity, 0 to 99 kts, from any direction, steady or variable.
  • Dead Reckoning Navigation Capability.
  • Intuitive Multi-Gesture Operated User Interface.
  • Touch Button Flying Controls.
  • PopUp Toolbars & Annunciators to manage Flight Panel facilities.
  • PopUp Toolbars and Icons to manage Chart facilities.
  • Embedded – Getting Started Help.
  • Printable Radio Navigation exercises with charts.

Radio Navigation Simulator apps are available now on the App Store, priced at $4.99 (in the US) for the iPhone/iPod touch version, or $9.99 (in the U.S) for the Universal (iPad, iPhone & iPod touch) version.

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