Sporty’s debuts MultiSump+

Now available at Sporty’s is MultiSump+, which includes a fuel strainer, which eliminates wasted fuel.

The fuel tester has been enhanced with the addition of a micro-mesh stainless steel screen that keeps impurities and water from entering the fuel tank during pour back.

The MultiSump+ also allows the pilot to sample and individually inspect fuel from each sump while a quick dump feature transfers fuel to the lower catch can. This feature eliminates emptying the tester after each sump, saving pre-flight time, Sporty’s officials said. Up to eight sumps can be tested before the catch can needs to be emptied.

“Many of the new aircraft on the market today have over 10 fuel sumps, which can quickly overwhelm standard fuel testers,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “The MultiSump+ was designed specifically to increase capacity without compromising safety.”

Measuring 7-inchs high by 2-3/4-inches in diameter, the MultiSump+ is easy to use by drawing a sample from the sump and inspecting it in the upper sampling cup, officials add. The fuel is then transferred to the lower catch can by tipping the sample cup in any direction.

The MultiSump+ [1352A] is available for $24.95.

For more information: 800-SPORTYS or


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