Start of a flying career on 16th birthday

Jeff Spahr, a sophomore at Riverview High School in Sarasota, Florida, celebrated his 16th birthday March 10 and had something more important on his mind than getting his driver’s license. Jeff started taking flying lessons at Gulf Coast International Flight Academy, Inc. when he was just 14 years old and he became eligible to fly solo for the first time on his 16th birthday.

After convincing his instructor, Ray Lyons that he was ready to fly solo, Ray got out of the plane and explained to the control tower that a student pilot would be flying solo for the first time.

After four trips around the airport and four very nice landings, Jeff heard this from the SRQ control tower, “Congratulations, nice job 40Q (Cessna N4240Q) and happy birthday.”

Jeff will be eligible to get his Private Pilot Certificate on the day he turns 17.

Jeff decided early that he wanted to become an airline pilot so he will continue his training at Gulf Coast Flight by progressing through more advanced pilot ratings. He also plans to attend an aviation-focused college program to further prepare for his flying career.

Gulf Coast International Flight Academy, which is located at Sarasota Bradenton International. Airport, specialize in accelerated flight training for Sport Pilot through Flight Instructor, as well as preparing pilots for airline and charter careers. For more information:




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