General aviation setting for new novel

Against a backdrop of general aviation operations at a mid-sized New England airport, the new novel “Cone of Silence” tells a story of corporate greed and government indifference … and the unexpected consequences of both.

This novel will be of interest to pilots and flight instructors for its insights into the GA industry, as well as teaching techniques used by various CFIs in the story; and to readers who enjoy a good story with both suspense and romance, says author Michael Sloan.

“Anyone frustrated and dismayed by recent economic developments in the U.S. will appreciate the unique approach the protagonists employ to address facts discovered during their investigation,” he said. “For years, top executives at banks and insurance companies have swindled America and, for the corporate CEOs in this novel, it’s payback time.”

Author Michael Sloan is an aviation professor and FAA-certified instrument flight instructor. He teaches FAA-approved flight instructor refresher clinics. At the U.S. Air Force Defense Mapping Agency, where he worked as a professional cartographer, he held an extended top secret clearance. This is his second book.

Paperback: $16.95, E-book $9.95

Available at (Kindle), (Nook), and online at: Apple iBookstore, Sony e-Reader, Kobo eBooks, and Google eBooks.





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