Musically inclined…

Did you know that general aviation pilots are more musically inclined than the general population? According to a Sennheiser Aviation official at Sun ’n Fun today, about 48% of pilots play a musical instrument, compared to the about 5% of the general population. Rock on!


  1. Rod Beck says

    I wonder if the late Big Band era leader and beyond, Lawence Welk,
    was a pilot “And a one, and a two, and …………..More campagne, Alice!

  2. Rod Beck says

    Might be some truth in that!  I stared playing the drums BEFORE I took my first “dual” lesson in a J-3 in 1956. Playing the drums (kit) be it jazz, swing or rock, requries some natural or inate coordination and muti-tasking. This motor skill lends itself to the “hands on” aspect of flying an airplane.

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