Flight Companion from Matchbox added to line-up

Rick Garcia, president of Gulf Coast Avionics Corp., has announced that both Gulf Coast Avionics and Pacific Coast Avionics have added the Flight Companion from Matchbox to their product offerings.

The FC-1 Flight Companion is a new lightweight multi-functional electronics instrument that provides a variety of alerts to assist pilots with their cockpit management functions. Flight Companion capabilities include an altitude alert system that alarms with change of more than plus-or-minus 100 feet from a pre-set altitude and a tank timer that provides a 30 -minute tank countdown and an LED flash alert that the tank is being timed out.

In addition to the Flight Companion, a related Matchbox product called the DVM828 is a self-contained digital voltage monitor that plugs directly into an existing cigarette lighter connector and monitors the status of the aircraft battery and charging systems.

“We are excited to add these new products to our inventory,” Garcia said. “They have the capability of reducing pilot workload by providing alerts on some key cockpit management functions. These products can be seen in our new catalog, at our website, or in our exhibits at major aviation trade shows.”

Gulf Coast Avionics is a major supplier of avionics, instruments and pilot supplies to customers around the world and is an FAA Approved Repair Station, No. UB4R564M, Class 1, 2, and 3 Limited Instrument. For information call 863-709-9714 or visit GCA.aero.

Pacific Coast Avionics is also a major supplier of avionics, instruments, and pilot supplies to customers worldwide, and is an FAA approved Repair Station, No. OPXR455L, Class 1, and 2 Limited Instrument. For details: 503-678-6242 or PCA.aero



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