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Splogger (Sport Pilot Blogger) Dan Johnson continues his recap of what he found interesting at this year’s Sun ’n Fun. Today: Ultralights:

North Wing showed its new composite body Solairus Part 103 trike. I flew it with the 20-hp Bailey single cylinder four stroke electric starting engine from the UK. What a hoot! Watch for a mini-review on my website.

Sun ’n Fun visitors saw the Verner two-cylinder four-stroke engine on the Sky Cycle, another Part 103 trike. (Part 103 “ultralight vehicles,” as FAA calls them require no pilot license or N-numbers. The category celebrates its 30th anniversary this fall!) The four-stroke Verner offers 35 horses and electric starting. I’d flown the four cylinder version of the Swiss engine many years ago and was impressed with its smoothness.

Photo courtesy Belite Aircraft

The Part 103-legal “Wonder Bread” Belite aircraft turned many heads with its bright “spotty” paint job and the world’s lightest instrument panel. The solid-state “gauges” make a panel less than an inch thick, really great for ultralight aircraft but popular among homebuilders, too.

We did a fun interview with the “Father of Ultralights,” John Moody, and we checked out his two 1980s Eagle ultralights, plus the 1976 Easy Riser he uses in an airshow act. John’s a great guy who deserves the attention. (I am honored to have won the USUA’s Moody Award in 1999.)

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