Rotating iPad kneeboard debuts

MyGoFlight has introduced the iPad Kneeboard Folio series of kneeboards, designed from the ground up for use by pilots.

The iPad Kneeboard Folio augments a product line that already includes other iPad kneeboard and mountable cases, mounts and accessories for the iPad in-flight and in-motion including the iPad Kneeboard Pro, iPad Kneeboard Sport and iPad Sport.

The iPad Kneeboard Folio is a rotating aviation kneeboard, lapboard and everyday case for your iPad 2 and iPad 3 made from leather. Leather wraps the outside while soft, protective microfiber material lines the inside, company officials said. The iPad is held by a form-fitting ratcheting/rotating cradle that your iPad clips into. All of the ports and controls remain accessible so the iPad can be charged, synced and controlled when it is in its case.

The iPad Kneeboard Folio accommodates all use preferences — both right and left hand, attached to the right or left leg, as a traditional kneeboard with the clipboard on the outside or as a lap desk. The cover can be wrapped fully around the case so that only the iPad is available on the leg for small cockpits or spaces.

The iPad Kneeboard Folio series is available in two configurations:

  • The iPad Kneeboard Folio C comes with a clipboard that attaches magnetically to both the inside and outside of the case
  • The iPad Kneeboard Folio for those who don’t want the clipboard

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