More LSA news from Sun ’n Fun

Splogger (Sport Pilot Blogger) Dan Johnson continues his recap of what he found interesting at this year’s Sun ’n Fun. Today: Cool fly-in stuff:

I visited with Mark Ausman of Vertical Power. I never fully grokked their product line of electronic circuit breakers, but I’ve got it now and understand the enthusiasm airframe makers and homebuilders have shown.

Don Ayers described his new Sport­Shares program that helps find partners to share ownership of a SportCruiser. Similarly, David Kruger advanced his work with AOPA on the ownership partner program he developed and transferred to the big member organization.

Breezer Aircraft USA showed us its new iPad app with all its manuals and more handily available on the ubiquitous tablet; it seemed nearly everybody at Sun ’n Fun used an iPad.

My onetime employer, BRS parachutes, has renewed its focus on LSA. They presented a great forum with an actual user (of a Cirrus SR22) doing most of the talking. It’s great to see them reenergized; the company has saved 274 lives and counting.

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