BrightLine Bags debuts ‘Flex System’

BrightLine Bags has introduced its new modular flight bag system called “The FLEX System, which includes five different-sized interchangeable modules, a front and rear end cap, and a collection of four interchangeable external pockets.

Every pilot can create a customized bag that is the exact size and has the exact functionality he or she wants, according to the needs of their next flight, company officials said.

BrightLine Bags has improved on its original idea of a single bag that can be divided into two smaller bags, by creating a system of 11 different parts that can be combined together in an almost countless number of configurations, officials note. BrightLine Bags has established five standard bag configurations, ranging in size from extra small to extra large, to satisfy the most common flight bag scenarios.

These basic configurations will address the majority of customer needs and will act as a starting point for each customer, since the option to come back later and add individual pieces, or create a custom configuration for a particular need, will always be available, said company officials.

FLEX will begin shipping in late May.

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