FlyQ mobile app released

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) released a new mobile application for the iPhone today that provides detailed airport information, aviation weather, and flight planning capability, free to AOPA members. The new app, AOPA FlyQ, replaces the AOPA Airports app and is now available for download through Apple’s App Store.

Developed in partnership with Seattle Avionics, AOPA FlyQ improves the airport directory function in the previous app and extends it with easy-to-use flight planning capabilities, enhanced by local and national weather information, AOPA officials said.

At the core of AOPA FlyQ’s functionality is its advanced auto-routing flight planning capability. AOPA FlyQ simplifies flight planning by requiring users to input only a flight’s origination and destination points, AOPA officials said. The application will then optimize the route based on forecast winds aloft and aircraft performance parameters.

In addition to the flight planning capabilities, AOPA FlyQ delivers local and national weather information, including METARs, TAFs, radar, and more, as well as all of the features and content previously available through AOPA Airports. The app also includes  details on more than 5,300 public-use landing facilities; 7,000 FBOs and aviation-related businesses; and more than 55,000 restaurants and transportation services.

AOPA Airports will continue to operate and be available for new downloads for Blackberry and Windows Mobile device users. AOPA members using AOPA Airports will automatically receive an invitation to download the new app free of charge. An active AOPA Membership and an AOPA Online username and password are required to use AOPA FlyQ. For more information:

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  1. Jim Barnett says

    I’m with these guys, I’m a new kid working on a sport license, I,ve waited my whole life for the rules to allow me to fly (I tripped over 70 last year). I miss-read about FlyQ and bought a new Asus 10′ ANDROID with 32Gbt from an article from AOPA about the value of cockpit electronics.
    Now What?

  2. Drrayn says

    Seems you have to buy Apple to flyQ! WTF(flyQ)?
    Well flyQ too AOPA!
    Android users outnumber Apple users. What gives?

    • Snapcountsucks says

      No doubt, ive’ only been a member since 1999 and have a Droid and feel a tad insulted.

  3. Hiflyerpilot says

    I still can’t believe AOPA is not releasing any apps like this for the Android. I’m sure I’m not the only AOPA member with an Android device.

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