MU-2 pilot proficiency program set

The every-other-year Mitsubishi MU-2 Pilot’s Review of Proficiency (PROP) program will be in Reno and Columbus, Ohio, this year.

Attendees at the 2010 PROP gave the program an almost perfect rating in every category, which included: Technical Issues, Accident Analysis, NEXRAD, SFAR Review, Operational Tips and Techniques, Engine Operations, with WAAS/LAAS presented by SimCom’s Tom Goonen, according to presenters.

Turbine Aircraft Services (TAS) President Pat Cannon promises an equally compelling line-up at the 2012 PROP.

“We will continue to concentrate on the most pressing operational techniques and fundamentals,” promised Cannon. “The “Non-Pilot Demonstration Course,” for instance, is designed for a passenger to get the plane on the ground without a pilot’s help and to be able to walk away.”

The two-day free PROP safety seminars for this year have already taken place in Dallas and Orlando and will be held May 4-5 in Reno at the Silver Legacy Resort and May 18-19 at the Renaissance in Columbus.

A TPE 331 Engine course will be offered in Dallas and Columbus on Wednesday and Thursday prior to PROP.

SIMCOM’s Non-Pilot Demonstration Courses will be offered on the second day of all the PROP Seminars in All Cities

A Friday Evening Hangar Reception will be held in Columbus.

The first PROP was held in 1982, discontinued after a time, but resurrected in 1994 and run regularly every other year since.

PROP information, which is also attuned to the three-year-old FAA Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) that requires pilots to follow standardized operation of the MU-2, are widely credited with the MU-2’s safety record reaching the top of it’s class – only one fatal accident in the last five years, presenters note.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc., SimCom and Honeywell join forces to make PROP available to the MU-2 community and others who may want to attend.

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