Contest launched to name GMU’s new pilot shop

A contest has launched to name the new pilot shop at the Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU) in South Carolina.

“The Greenville Downtown Airport will soon have its own pilot shop,” stated Joe Frasher, airport director. “The Internet can be an okay place to order pilot supplies as long as you don’t mind waiting, hoping you get the correct item and if it’s not broken when it arrives. But, if you’re in the market for a new headset, you need a chart or flashlight for your flight today or want to look at, touch, test or pick someone’s brain on a new product, the Internet is not the place for these purposes. Our new pilot shop will provide supplies for our local pilots as well as those who fly in.”

“I like to boat on Lake Hartwell and people buy items all the time at the marine shops where they buy fuel,” added Hank Brown, owner of Greenville Jet Center, the aviation fuel provider at GMU. “A shop at an airport is the same concept. Up until now, we sold fuel but didn’t have a store with pilot supplies. Now we will have a place for pilots to get items, which makes sense considering GMU is the busiest general aviation airport in South Carolina.”

Michele Rash and Shane Martin, who will manage the new pilot shop at GMU.

“The shop will have all the common pilot gear like flashlights, flight bags, calculators, batteries, charts, maps, fuel testers, aviation training books and educational materials,” said Michele Rash, managing partner of the soon to be opened pilot shop. “It will also have iPads loaded and ready to go and training will be provided. Additionally, the shop will sell coffee produced by Flying High Coffee, and cookies produced locally. Proceeds from the sale of these items will benefit youth in aviation programs.”

“The pilot shop will open in early May and we would like help naming it,” she continued. “We are looking for original and creative names. So far the names under consideration are Waypoints, Spinners, Flight Supply and Flight Bag. We want to hear your ideas. After all, without you, it will be impossible to have a stand alone pilot shop.”

Email your name ideas to If you submit the winning name, you will win a $100 gift certificate to the new pilot store. The name will be chosen after the contest ends on May 31.

For more information: 864-224-7440 or



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  1. Pam Martin says

    Sorry, correction: Pilot, not piolet. It is still early here and only my fingers are flying this morning.

  2. Pam Martin says

    It is great to know there will be a piolet store in Greenville’s airport! That will be very convenient when I’m flying in.

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