AeroLEDs receives PMA for landing light

The FAA has granted PMA Certification to AeroLEDs’ Sunspot 36HX landing light.

Powered by new LED technology, the Sunspot will last 50,000 hours, allowing pilots to fly with the light on at all times for enhanced visibility, company officials said. The light also comes with “wig-wag” or pulsing capability and is so bright that it can be seen at great distances in daylight when the aircraft is not visible, officials add.

The wig-wag feature is at its best when lights are placed on the leading edges of both wings so that the lights alternate pulsing. But a single light can also be set up to pulse on and off by itself. The key is installing a three-way switch on the panel which allows “on,” “off,” and “pulse.” That way the pilot can switch to steady light when on short final, company officials said. When in pulsing mode, the light draws less power than when providing a steady beam.

The PMA Sunspot HX is available from AeroLEDs for $449 and can now be installed in any certificated aircraft.

For more information: or 208-850-3294.



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  1. Skydad says

    So a $20 light bulb is now costing $449 because of stupid FAA regulations and hassle to get it “approved”./.

    • Doug Rodrigues says

      Same for prop spinners.  A prop spinner for a certified airplane costs about five times more than for that same exact prop spinner on a homebuilt.  The only differeence:  That little piece of paper indicating a certified part.  That’s why I sold my Cessna and am building an RV-8.

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