Compensation survey now available

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has published the results of its 2012 survey of salaries and benefits for pilots, line-service personnel, and maintenance technicians, but you have to buy the report to get all the details.

Employee compensation is broken down by geographic region of the country, by the company’s gross sales, by size of the town or city in which the company is located and by the number of employees in the company. In addition to pilots and maintenance technicians, the report includes compensation for inspectors and line service and customer service representatives, among others.

Association Research Inc., an economic research firm based in Rockville, Maryland, conducted the salary study. For privacy reasons, none of the individual responses are provided to NATA.

The 2012 Compensation Report is provided at no cost to NATA members who participated in the study. For non-participating members, the charge is $130. It jumps to $310 for non-NATA members.

A copy of the 2012 Compensation Report can be purchased at under Products and Services and by clicking on Publications.



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