Top 10 aviation insurance myths, Alaska edition

Avemco Insurance Co. President Jonathan “JJ” Greenway was a featured speaker at the 2012 Great Alaska Aviation Gathering, May 5-6, at the Anchorage International Airport. Greenway spoke about separating fact from fiction in his seminar “Top 10 Aviation Insurance Myths.”

“You know it’s possible to have too little aviation insurance, but can you have too much? Is it true your insurance company will refuse to pay a claim if you violate a FAR? Of course you’re covered if you’re a named pilot on a friend’s policy . . . or are you? Those are the kind of questions most pilots think they know the answers to but may be surprised by some of the facts about aviation insurance coverages, especially when flying in the conditions faced by Alaskan aviators,” said Greenway.

During the forum, Alaska aviators were provided with information about insuring their aviation activities that many did not realize were of value to them.

“Seeing that Alaskan pilots are interested in what an insurance company has to offer, we are planning to offer future safety seminars and education presentations that will assist the Alaska general aviation community in gaining a better understanding of accident causes and what they can do to avoid them using general information gleaned from our claims statistics that would not otherwise be readily available,” said Greenway.

The training will include data on combating Alaska’s takeoffs and landings incidence percentage, which is generally known to be the highest in the US, he noted.

“Flying in Alaska is unique and it’s something that not everyone can do or understand right away. We appreciate the fact that Alaskan pilots have terrain and weather condition issues like nowhere else and it’s important for them to be trained locally with Alaska-specific instruction — so our Safety Rewards Program recognizes that with our premium credits for locally approved training. We also understand that Alaska aircraft owners and pilots need to have coverage for off-airport landings, easy changes in coverage when transitioning to skis or floats and back to wheels, alternatives for liability-only coverages and specific non-owner “renter” policies,” continued Greenway.

Greenway has logged over 14,000 hours, is an active CFI and former airline pilot and check airman. Prior to joining Avemco, he served as captain with American Airlines and more recently as the director of Safety for the AOPA Air Safety Institute.

The Great Alaska Aviation Gathering was sponsored by the Alaska Airmen’s Association, and featured a tradeshow and forums for pilots flying in Alaska. Over 20,000 were in attendance.

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  1. Ramus says

    That was terrible. Where was the information? The title implied you would be discussing the top ten aviation insurance myths but it was nothing more than an ad for Avemco. How utterly useless.

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