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Have you been thinking that it’s been some time since a new Special LSA was announced? While the torrid pace of yesteryear has abated, it ain’t over by a long shot. I know of at least a dozen aircraft still in progress to achieve SLSA status. Now, welcome to Sling, SLSA #125.

Back on April 18, Sling N511NG, based at Torrance, California, quietly received its pink Airworthiness Certificate. Sling began development in 2006 in South Africa; 60 airplanes have been delivered to other countries. “This airplane is the first U.S.-registered Sling,” stated Matt Liknaitzky, the representative of American importer The Airplane Factory USA.

Sling was designed from the start to make full use of the LSA envelope and to be in compliance with ASTM standards for Special LSA.

With partner James Pittman, Mike Blyth started The Airplane Factory to create Sling. A pioneer of microlight aviation in South Africa, Mike has been involved in designing, building, and selling aircraft since 1985. The Airplane Factory is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where Matt says they employ a full-time staff of 75 able to produce five ready-to-fly Slings per month. The company also supplies kit versions. In countries that permit, Sling will be made available as an ELSA kit or as an Experimental Amateur Built kit.

Sling N511NG is based at Torrance Airport (TOA) and will be flying to AirVenture 2012 where it will be on display at Booth #305.

For more information: AirplaneFactory.com


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