House GA Caucus grows to 184 members

Membership in the House General Aviation (GA) Caucus has grown to 184, making it one of the largest caucuses in the House of Representatives.

That figure also marks the highest level of participation in the House GA caucus in its three-year history, according to officials with the National Business Aviation Association.

“The ongoing growth in the GA Caucus demonstrates the importance of general aviation to congressional districts across the country,” said Lisa Piccione, NBAA senior vice president, government affairs.

“As of February 2011, shortly after the 112th Congress convened, the House GA Caucus stood at 81 members,” noted Piccione. “In just over one year, more than 100 more representatives have added their names to the caucus list.”

Rep. Sam Graves

Co-chaired by Reps. John Barrow (D-Ga.) and Sam Graves (R-Mo.), the House GA Caucus serves as an informal, bipartisan group that promotes the essential role that GA plays in local communities and the national economy.

“The House GA Caucus is a powerful forum of representatives,” Piccione added. “The caucus emphasizes the critical local, regional and national contributions of general aviation, and serves to educate members of Congress and their staff about the importance of general aviation to each congressional district, as well as to the national transportation system.”

A complete list of representatives and senators who are members of the GA caucuses is available here.



  1. Kmisegades says

    Judging from my knowledge of some of the members on this caucus from my state of North Carolina, I really question its purpose.  Is it to promote, or destroy G.A. ?   I would not expect much to come from this.

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