Wicks Aircraft offers new valve stem access panel

Wicks Aircraft Supply now offers a new valve stem access panel that give instant access to nearly any tire’s valve stem. Quick pressure checks and easy tire filling will make handling better and enhance safety, company officials said.

Many aircraft, in pursuit of speed and efficiency, are equipped with close-fitting wheel pants. They look great and lower wind resistance; but because they cover so much of the wheel, they can also make checking tire pressure inconvenient. Underinflated tires increase takeoff roll, degrade ground handling, make braking unpredictable, and can lead to rapid tire deterioration and even tire failure.

The new hatch assembly, consisting of an aluminum frame, door, and quarter-turn fastener, can be installed without an STC on certified aircraft in the US and on Experimentals worldwide. The frame is generally ‘glassed in place, and the removable door is secured by the included fastener. The opening (2.5” square; the flange is 3” on a side), gives adequate clearance for a tire gauge or an air chuck, but is not so large that finding a good place to mount it can become a problem, company officials said.

The part number for a set is VSS01; the kit of three sells for $180. Since the door is not attached, it is possible that it might get lost sometime, so Wicks also offers a single replacement door (part number is VSP01) for $30.

For more information: WicksAircraft.com, 800-221-9425







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