Four out of every five governors recognize value of general aviation

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Alliance for Aviation Across has noted that four out of every five US governors, 40 in total, have signed proclamations recognizing the value of  aviation to the nation and their state economy. The majority of those proclamations, 29 in total, have specifically recognized the general aviation.

The general aviation industry not only supports over 1.2 million jobs and $150 billion in economic impact, but these aircraft and the airports they utilize are lifelines to many rural communities, supporting health care, disaster relief, law enforcement and a host of other important services and resources.

Most recently, Governor Christine Gregoire of Washington and Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada recognized this important industry by designating June as “General Aviation Appreciation Month” and “Aviation Appreciation Month” respectively.

“This is a significant milestone in our efforts to educate the public and raise awareness about general aviation,” stated Selena Shilad, Executive Director of the Alliance for Aviation Across America. “It demonstrates that there is a growing understanding around the country by governors and other local officials who understand the critical importance of general aviation and local airports for the economy and rural communities throughout their state.”

In addition to these proclamations, Governors John Lynch of New Hampshire, Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, C. L. “Butch” Otter of Idaho, and Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota have all sent letters to President Obama outlining the important role of general aviation to the national and local economies, as well as the need to protect this industry from burdensome taxes. In addition, just this February more than 100 mayors sent a letter to President Obama highlighting the critical importance of general aviation and local airports to their local communities.

Listed below are the states that have passed proclamations:

  • Georgia
  • West Virginia
  • Alaska
  • Vermont
  • North Dakota
  • Arkansas
  • Tennessee
  • Washington
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Wisconsin
  • New Mexico
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Minnesota
  • Texas
  • North Carolina
  • New Hampshire
  • Missouri
  • Kansas
  • Mississippi
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • South Carolina
  • Florida
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming
  • Delaware
  • Montana
  • Virginia
  • Idaho
  • Pennsylvania
  • Massachusetts
  • Louisiana
  • Iowa
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • Maine
  • Indiana
  • Nevada
  • Washington

Formed in 2007, the Alliance for Aviation Across America is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of over 5,900 individuals representing businesses, agricultural groups, FBO’s, small airports, elected officials, charitable organizations, and leading business and aviation groups that support the interest of the general aviation community across various public policy issues. For more information:



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  1. Mckillen Maynard says

    Ah, perfect, another front for soft-selling Republican ideology. Which re-election-minded governors won’t be eager to make the empty gesture of appearing to support something as innocuous as general aviation? What a perfect place for corporate aviation to hide. And get this- Daugaard has to send a letter to the president to “inform” him, so that he will finally…”recognize the critical role that general aviation plays in the economy and in communities throughout South Dakota.” The problem with this premise is Daugaard’s assumption that he (or the hacks who wrote the text) can say anything that will illuminate the causes of economic stagnation and the resultant effects on aviation-related business. That would take effort, research, and an admission that his ideology is injurious to the viability, stability and diversity of South Dakota’s economy.

  2. gbin says

    For a “non-partisan coalition,” AAAA sure uses some awfully partisan (specifically Republican attack) rhetoric on their website.  A person or group of people can call themselves whatever they wish on the internet, but of course that doesn’t make their claims true.  It’s best to look carefully into any organization before joining them, giving them money or even just believing the things they say.

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