Breezer Aircraft moves to LAL

Breezer Aircraft USA has entered into a five-year lease agreement with SUN ’n FUN to move its flight training and related aviation services to the SUN ’n FUN campus at Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport (LAL) in Lakeland, Florida.

In addition to Breezer Aircraft USA’s flight training, the company’s builder’s assistance for the Breezer II kits and Rotax maintenance facility will move to LAL.

Breezer also offers a 10% discount on its flight training program to anyone who calls the SUN ’n FUN campus home, including the volunteers of the annual fly-in, says Breezer Aircraft USA’s Mike Zidziunas, better known as “Mike Z.”

“We’ve had this program in place for a while now, but unfortunately it hasn’t been fully utilized, due to our off-site location,” he said. “But now that we are on the SUN ’n FUN campus, the program should be more convenient for those wishing to take advantage of this economical opportunity to learn to fly.”

Mike Z also also plans to work closely with the students of the Central Florida Aviation Academy, to have a hands-on program allowing students to obtain their A&P certificates by the time they graduate from high school.

Mike Z is an A&P with a Light Sport Repairman Rating, a certified Rotax Mechanic and importer of the Breezer II Light Sport Aircraft.

For more information: 941-915-8883, or




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