The search is on for Texas Airplane #21

John Bradberry from Sulphur Springs, Texas sent me an email recently with a very specific request. I’m hoping someone from our readership can assist him.

“On Thursday, May 19, 1938, Texaco Airplane #21 piloted by Roy Harding landed at six towns in Northeast Texas, picked up mail pouches at each stop, and returned to Dallas Love Field in observance of National Airmail Week.  One of those towns was Sulphur Springs.  The property on which Texaco Airplane #21 landed in Sulphur Springs eventually became the Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport. 

“May 19, 2013 will mark the 75th Anniversary of what we consider the first airplane known to land at the Sulphur Springs Airport.  We are planning a celebration to commemorate this historic event.

“We are hoping to locate a photograph of Texaco Airplane #21 or at least a record of the type of airplane #21 was. We have found out Texaco #21 was a Stinson SR-6A, NC-15167 (which is now assigned to a balloon, according to the FAA registry).

“I have contacted several historical societies, newspapers, and museums in the Northeast Texas area, but to no avail.  I have even tried to contact the Texaco Historian who has not responded.”

I found an image of a Stinson SR-6A with a matching registration number on the San Diego Air and Space Museum Flickr page. Alas, John is hoping to find an image with Texaco livery. If anyone has, or knows of, the Stinson he seeks, contact John at

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