AirSatOne debuts Flightstream AOC

AirSatOne Optimizes SatCom with Flightstream AOC.

AirSatOne has introduced the Flightstream AOC aviation SatCom Optimizer and Hotspot billing solution.

The portable Flightstream AOC is designed to enhance aircraft SatCom internet systems by giving the user an overall faster experience while at the same time reducing data usage by up to 80%. The Flightstream AOC also allows charter and fractional providers an option to bill individual users for airtime creating and additional revenue stream.

The Flightstream is compatible with Iridium OpenPort, Inmarsat SwiftBroadband, Swift 64, ViaSat Yonder and other aircraft SatCom systems. Since the system is IP based, the Flightstream AOC is capable of working with any service provider and IP-based SatCom systems, company officials said.

Weighing in at 1.1 pounds and the size of a paperback book, the unit incorporates a number of technologies to reduce data usage over the satellite network by utilizing advanced acceleration, optimization and compression designed to account for latency and packet shaping considerations specific to satellite communication, company officials explained.

“By using these techniques we can deliver the same data to and from the aircraft with a much smaller footprint,” company officials said in a prepared release. “Our onboard web cache eliminates redundant http requests and delivers web content directly from the Flightstream AOC, speeding up page load times and ever further reducing the amount of SatCom data used. All these technologies combined provide a more pleasant web experience for the user and reduces airtime cost for the operator.”

The Flightstream AOC’s end to end technology uses ground servers to compress and format data, then reformats the data in the Flightstream AOC AvSat router for use on laptops and mobile devices on board the aircraft via an existing Wi-Fi or wired router, company officials said. Options are available for government, corporate and fleet operators to have a virtual machine appliance running on their own dedicated servers to ensure security and privacy.

Since the unit is portable the aircraft modification is simple and only requires the addition of a Mil-Spec D-sub connector between the existing router and the SatCom system. A jumper plug is included with the kit to restore the connection to its original configuration when the Flightstream AOC is not onboard the aircraft.

The Flightstream AOC will be available mid July 2012 at an MSRP of $6,930.

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