Fly Unleaded to Oshkosh — U2OSH

The Aviation Fuel Club will hold the first-ever Unleaded to Oshkosh event — U2OSH — at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2012. U2OSH celebrates the 30th anniversary of the FAA’s first approval of lead-free autogas (aka mogas) as an aviation fuel. Any pilot who flies to Oshkosh in an airplane capable of operating on autogas will be recognized at U2OSH headquarters, the booth of club sponsor U-Fuel.

U-Fuel’s booth (#339, a block north of the Theater in the Woods) is co-located with American Legend Aircraft, which will display its light-sport planes.

Also present in the booth are companies that play key roles in the expanding use of autogas in aviation, including STC owner Petersen Aviation, aircraft modification experts Air Plains, and autogas advocates

The display will feature a number of firsts from each company aimed at minimizing the cost and maximizing the fun of aviation: U-Fuel will debut its Box aviation fuel station. American Legend Aircraft will show off its new Super Legend which is certified to operate on autogas. Air Plains and Petersen Aviation will launch their INPULSE anti-detonant system that allows even the highest-performance engines to operate on low-cost, lead-free autogas. Directors of the Aviation Fuel Club will be on hand all week to advise pilots on the use of autogas.

Also part of U2OSH is a panel discussion on Thursday, July 26, at 11:30 a.m. “Autogas at 30 Years” featuring leading figures involved in the certification of autogas as an aviation fuel. Speakers include Todd Petersen (Petersen Aviation), Mike Kelley (Air Plains), Ben Visser (Shell Aviation, retired, and General Aviation News blogger), Roy Beisswenger (Powered Sport Flying, US Ultralight Association), Dan Johnson (LAMA,, and General Aviation News blogger), and Dean Billing (

Awards will be presented to pilots who fly the longest distance or in the newest/oldest/smallest/largest aircraft to Oshkosh on autogas.



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