Lightspeed Aviation launches FlightLink app

Pilots can now turn their iPads or iPhones into cockpit voice recorders with FlightLink, a free, downloadable app developed by Lightspeed Aviation to work with newer Zulu.2 headsets. All communications through the intercom are recorded and available for instant playback and permanent archiving. Multiple recordings may be stored either in Apple devices or in an iTunes account.

FlightLink allows for up to two minutes of instant playback of ATC transmissions, ensuring receipt of vital information, company officials said. The entire flight can be recorded and saved for future use. With FlightLink, pilots can easily toggle from other apps to access recordings and notes.

FlightLink incorporates a scratchpad for the iPad so that pilots can make notes and diagrams with their fingertips.

“Evolving technology is supporting an unprecedented revolution in the way pilots connect their devices and access information both on the ground and in the air,” said Allan Schrader, founder and President of Lightspeed Aviation. “FlightLink is our next step toward integrating the headset into this new connected experience while adding real value for pilots.”

FlightLink is available now for newer Zulu.2 headsets, which are already enabled to work with the app. Older Zulu.2 headsets can be factory retrofitted for a fee of $69.

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