Guardian Avionics launches Aero 454

Guardian Avionics will launch its newest product, the Aero 454, at this week’s AirVenture in Oshkosh.

The Aero 454 receives data from your airplane’s Garmin GPS units (430, 530, 650, 750, G900, G1000) and re-transmits it simultaneously to as many as three iPad/tablet devices held by pilots or passengers.

It can now also transmit Standby frequencies on the SL30/SL40 from your Flight-guide IEFB app Airport Pages.

The new Aero 454 is an FAA/TSO certified product. It can reference locations, maps, flight plans from the panel mounted GPS’s, approaches, departures, and much more on your iPad/tablet, according to company officials. “You will no longer lose GPS signal because of banking or a heated windshield,” officials said in a prepared statement.

The unit will communicate with any app, including: Flight Guide, ForeFlight, WingX, Jeppesen, Garmin Connect, and others for GPS location, officials add. When integrated with Flight Guide IEFB app, the user will have access to GPS location and flight plans as well as have the ability to change radio frequencies on the SL30 directly from the app.

The Aero 454 (with CO detector) mounts easily in most panels and will enhance your WAAS GPS capabilities when compared to portable Bluetooth receivers, according to company officials. Aero 454 is factory installed in all new Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft models. Guardian Avionics CO Detectors are also standard on Cessna 172, 182, 206 and Diamond Aircraft.

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