Dynon introduces Pocket Panel portable EFIS

OSHKOSH — On opening day of AirVenture, Dynon introduced its new D1 Pocket Panel, a portable true attitude indicator that utilizes Dynon’s MEMS-based AHRS technology. The new D1 Pocket Panel, priced at $1,425, can be used by all GA pilots.

The D1 is a true artificial horizon with accurate pitch and roll, and can find the horizon even if turned on in flight, according to Dynon’s Robert Hamilton. It maintains the horizon during extended duration turns. The AHRS sensors also drive a turn rate indicator and slip/skid ball. Included is an internal GPS receiver to display GPS ground speed, altitude, vertical speed, and ground track.

It features a battery that will last at least four hours on a charge, and comes with two portable mounting options. The first is a RAM suction cup mount, and the second is portable “pinch” mount.

“The number one question we receive at air shows is ‘Can I put Dynon avionics in my airplane?’ If they flew a type certificated plane our answer was always no,” he said. “But now for the first time we can say yes.

Accessories included with the D1 are an AC power adapter, a DC vehicle power adaptor, a RAM suction cup mount, portable “pinch” mount, internal Li-Ion battery, and external GPS antenna.

For more information: www.DynonAvionics.com.

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