Go ahead, trust your fuel gauge

OSHKOSH – A new patented digital Fuel Level Sender from Redmond, Ore.-based CIES is now available on all new production Cirrus SR22T, SR22 and SR20 aircraft.

CIES anticipates additional manufacturers and retrofit installation options later this year.

Scott Philiben, CEO and counder of CIES, stated that “digital level sending technology in the Cirrus Aircraft is bringing a new level of reliability and accuracy to fuel level. Display of fuel levels has been available in aviation on the Multi Function Display or digital aircraft instrument, but now, for the first time, that information comes from a digital sensor, reporting fuel or ice protection fluid level in binary one’s and zero’s. The sensor technology provides information completely isolated from the tank contents and provides a steady data stream of liquid level to the MFD. There is no need to amplify or condition the signal to compensate for long wiring runs or corroded connections, as the digital sensors report tank level or nothing at all. The end result is precise and reliable fuel level reporting in all conditions and with all fuel types.”

“It is very gratifying to see an idea that started in aviation to solve a unique aviation problem, is generating interest for fuel level sensing throughout the worldwide transportation and fuel storage market,” Philiben added. “The patented CIES Fuel Level Sensor will be compatible with any new fuel combination that follows 100LL in aviation. The system will work with any fuel or fuel quality, and is unaffected by fuel contamination.


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