ZuluLog.com releases new pilot logbook app

ZuluLog.com has release its new iOS app targeted for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touchdevices. Although the new app can be used as a standalone pilot logbook on the device, it is designed to be used in conjunction with a cloud-based user account at ZuluLog.com. Customers can use the new app to enter, edit, and view records from anywhere, regardless of data connection availability. Once back online, customers can sync data from the app to their online ZuluLog.com accounts with a single click, company officials said.

In addition to pilot logbook capabilities, the new iOS app also features such modules as tracking of PIC currency, instrument currency and NVG currency; custom field entry; a flight counters screen; tracking of clearances, frequencies, and transponder codes; quick reference cards for commonly-used information; and other aviation tools.

The ZuluLog iOS app is free, as is the corresponding Android app. The iOS app is available on the Apple App Store, while the Android app is available on Google Play, formerly known as Android Market.

For more information: ZuluLog.com

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