ArrowCopter makes its US debut

OSHKOSH — ArrowCopter USA introduced the ArrowCopter AC10 kit to the US market Wednesday at AirVenture. The AC10 is the kit version of the two-place, tandem, AC20 ArrowCopter autogyro manufactured by FD Composites in Austria.

Design and development work on the ArrowCopter began more than six years ago, company officials said. The goal was to design a high-end performance autogyro using 21st century methods and techniques to improve and extend the capability of a gyro while integrating the sophistication and safety of emerging technology, they explained.

LSA certification of the ArrowCopter AC20 through AustroControl was granted June 22.

US sales representative Claudius Klimt noted he has been coordinating with FD Composites for more than two years to establish the foundation to support growth in the US market.

“The US is behind several other countries in their use and acceptance of autogyro technology even though it has been shown for decades to be economical and safe with proper design,” he said. “I believe the sophistication and performance of the ArrowCopter will help change that oversight.”

“We have worked very hard to align production with the requirements to meet the FAA guidelines for kit certification,” he added. “We have also concentrated on ways to implement a Builder Assist Program that will streamline the process to two weeks and yet provide vital builder education.”

Plans are also in place to offer flight training concurrent with the builder assist program.

The ArrowCopter AC10 is powered by a Rotax 4-stroke, opposed 4-cylinder engine that is liquid and air cooled with a choice of either the 914 UL model or the newly released 912 iS. The engine can run on a variety of fuel, including leaded, unleaded, avgas, 100LL or E 10.

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