Electroair’s high energy spark plugs STC’d

Electroair has received STC approval for its high energy aircraft spark plugs.

The new line of spark plugs have been engineered and pre-gapped to work with the Electroair electronic ignition system, according to company officials. By pre-gapping the spark plugs to a controlled gap setting, the full benefit of the Electroair electronic ignition system can be realized and installation time reduced, officials add.

The “HE” spark plug line includes a massive electrode with extended reach outer electrodes and a fine wire plug, both wiht a gap of 0.032 inches. This gap accommodates the high energy output of 70,000 volts delivered by the Electroair system, company officials said.

Electroair partnered with Tempest to produce the new HE spark plug line.

“The new Electroair spark plugs are designed to provide the best service when used in conjunction with Electroair’s electronic ignition system,” said Michael Kobylik, Electroair president. “Electroair’s electronic ignition system provides high energy to the plugs, producing a very hot, long duration spark at the plug tip, ensuring complete ignition of fuel/air mixtures.”

For more information: Electroair.net

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