Union fights to block Hawker Beechcraft sale

The Associated Press is reporting that the union representating the machinists at Hawker Beechcraft is trying to block the proposed sale of the bankrupt aircraft manufacturer to a Chinese company, contending it would give China access to technology it doesn’t yet possess and would saddle American taxpayers with paying the Wichita-based company’s underfunded pension obligations. Read the full report here.


  1. US Taxpayer says

    So, help me understand this.  The Union, which helped contribute to the demise of Hawker Beechcraft, is opposed to the sale to Superior because why?  Could it be because the new owners would bust the union?  Naw.  Also, why do they think the funding of their “underfunded pension” would fall on US taxpayers?  It’s time the Union woke up and smelled the coffee…  When you cause your company to fail everyone loses…

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