St. Louis general aviation community loses a leader

The St. Louis Business Aviation community recently lost one of its longest running members, John Henke, who passed away July 1. Henke was a member of the Greater St. Louis Business Aviation Association (GSLBAA) for nearly 40 years, and served as president three times.

In addition, he served as chairman of GSLBAA’s Business Aviation Annual Memorial Open (BAAMO) golf tournament, which benefits GSLBAA Educational Foundation and Wings of Hope.

Henke was a pilot for nearly 50 years and served numerous companies, including Anheuser-Busch, Joe Scott, and Crown Diversified Holdings, a company he co-owned.

In addition to his role at GSLBAA, he was an active member of the Quiet Birdman, the Missouri Pilots Association, the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructions Association, a FAAST Team Representative, a DA-20 Pilot Proficiency Examiner, the CAF Missouri Wing, and the American Legion of Chesterfield.

“John was one of our most beloved members and an influential member of the St. Louis and business aviation community as a whole,” said Jeremy Cox, vice president of JetBrokers Inc., and vice president of GSLBAA. “We are saddened to lose him, and he will be greatly missed.”

Henke is survived by his wife Donna Rae Henke (Hopper), his sons John (David) and Nicholas Henke, as well as three brothers and three sisters. He is also survived by many nieces, nephews and dear friends.

The Greater St. Louis Business Aviation Association is intended to have a voice at the local, state and regional levels, allowing the organization to be more proactive and effective when issues are presented. Members of GSLBAA enjoy educational opportunities, networking opportunities, and participation in the golf tournament. GSLBAA is one of the oldest local professional aviation organizations in the country. For more information: 314-845-3102 or

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