Extended warranty for Airvan

GippsAero has extended its warranty on the GA8 Airvan to five years or 2,000 hours for all new aircraft.

This five-year warranty is a three-year extension on top of the standard GippsAero two-year warranty that’s offered on the GA8 Airvan, and it will operate under identical terms and conditions, company officials said.

GippsAero is not only providing this extended five-year warranty on new GA8 Airvan, but it is also not limited by use, ensuring coverage until engine change at 2,000 hours time in service, officials add.

The warranty will cover all airframe items manufactured by GippsAero excluding wear items like brakes. To completely cover the aircraft, other OEM extended warranties have been developed with GippsAero suppliers. These warranties are direct with the supplier and are at extra cost, company officials note.

Terry Miles, CEO, GippsAero, comments that the extended warranty coincides with the focus on the North American market and customer trust in acquiring a new product in the market place. “The GippsAero GA8 is an aircraft certified to the latest safety and handling standards and we are more than comfortable to offer an extended warranty to our customers in the USA,” he said. “This reduces our customers risk in introducing a new aircraft to their fleet and they can enjoy the benefits of increased utility and economy.”

GippsAero, the Australian manufacturer of the GA8 Airvan, is the aircraft manufacturing division of Mahindra Aerospace. The company has manufactured more than 200 aircraft which fly in 34 countries around the world, including USA, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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