Sky3D Aviation Camera System debuts

Sky3D has introduced the Sky3D Aviation Camera System.

Sky3D’s proprietary software allows users to create wide-angle 3D videos for use on 3D TVs and theater systems, company officials said. By utilizing two cameras (left and right) separated by more than 25 feet, the Sky3D system creates an extreme baseline, allowing for unprecedented detail at altitude, officials said, noting “terrain and air-to-air formation features pop out in vibrant color with enhanced depth detail, allowing users to truly relive their flight experience unlike any other aviation camera system.”

The Sky3D system records in 1080P resolution, creating videos in 3D Cinema, Broadcast, BluRay, HDMI, and YouTube 3D formats. Sky3D’s software is compatible with Windows computer systems, and the proprietary software automatically aligns the cameras while dynamically removing camera motion.

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