Black Sky Training offers hypoxia training

Black Sky Training will begin offering a specialized series of courses for general aviation pilots. Psychological training, including recognizing and reacting to hypoxia, will be given in one of the only privately owned and operated hypoberic chambers in the U.S.

Under an exclusive deal with the Southern AeroMedical Institue, Black Sky Training will offer courses under the direction of a board certified doctor and written by a Master CFI. This chamber and training allows a pilot to experience all of the symptoms of hypoxia, according to officials.

Until now, this training was available only through commercial flight schools or through Black Sky Training’s Suborbital Pilot training program, added David Allen, a spokesman for Black Sky.

“Hypoxia is one of — if not the leading — cause of pilot error during approach and landing,” he said. “With insurance claims rising, the need for highly technical training to recognize individual symptoms is the best way to increase the likelihood of safe flights for our general aviation pilots and families.”

Black Sky will begin classes at the end of August.

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